a stack of 3 rotary aircraft!These two photographs were taken by Peter McClaughlin during filming for the Channel 4 U.K. television series 'Ride On' in August 1996 at Kemble Airfield. The smaller photo has Mel Morris Jones's VW powered Everett Autogyro at the top. Beneath this is Ron Dobree-Carey flying his Rotax powered Montgomerie Bensen, with the helicopter below doing air-to-air filming (I'll find out and let you know what the helicopter type is).

The larger photo below shows Mel in front, followed by Tony Unwin flying a VPM M16 two seat tandem trainer powered by a 4cylinder 2stroke Arrow engine, then Ron followed by the helicopter. Yes, the sky really was that colour !


3 gyros and a helicopter flying together during the filming


pre-flight inspection at Kemble Airfield, before filming

Another photo taken by Peter McClaughlin just prior to the filming. Mel Morris Jones doing his essential pre-flight inspection. The aircraft behind is Gerry Speich's Everett, and Viv Freke's red RAF2000 2seater is visible in the background.

Ron Dobree-Carey flying his single seater Montgomerie Bensen

photo by John Holland

Here is a closer view of Ron Dobree-Carey's Montgomerie Bensen (seen in miniature in the TV filming at the top of the page). Ron is a frequent flying companion of mine - any excuse for a fly!

Mel Morris Jones landing at Old Sarum Airfield

photo by Peter McClaughlin

Mel dropping in to his favourite U.K. airfield - Old Sarum, near Salisbury in Wiltshire. The wonderful cathedral (England's tallest) is out of picture to the right of this photo. Old Sarum is one of the oldest airfields in Europe and still has its original, beautifully designed hangars (built in 1917 - the oldest operational hangars in the country). They moan a little about the doors not shutting properly, but what price beauty?!!

Old Sarum, like many UK General Aviation airfields, has faced a difficult future, but a recent study by English Heritage has decided that the airfield is of significant aviation importance, and Salisbury District Council have now decided to designate the whole airfield as a Conservation Area. Thank goodness that there are still a few sensible councils left in this country!

The food is excellent and affordable, they are a friendly bunch who are always pleased to welcome a gyro, and I recommend anyone - pilot or not - to go there!

an RAF2000 at Old Sarum Airfield.

photo by Keith Balch

This RAF2000 parked outside those lovely old hangars at Old Sarum has the registration G-IRAF - no prizes for guessing why it is painted in this African wildlife colour scheme!

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